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Top 5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets 2018-2020

I love smart ideas that simplify ones life, and I have to confess I was pleasantly surprised to discover some good ones in the cooking world. Going from indoor gardens to radiation detectors or special stones for baking and serving, there are quite a few smart kitchen gadgets out there.

1. Best Indoor Fresh Herb Gardens

You can now have your private, indoor garden year-round. Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in this intelligent garden, perfect size for kitchen counters. They are really easy-to-use, with control panel telling you when to add water or nutrients. Some even have self-timing or self-watering functions. Most come with LED lights, allowing plants to maximize photosynthesis and resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.

Top 10 Best Indoor Smart Fresh Herbs Garden Reviews 2018-2020

2. Food Radiation Smart Kitchen Gadgets

If you are a concerned consumer this is the most reliable and easy way to monitor radiation exposure as well as a useful tool to help you eliminate foods that contain elevated levels of chemical contamination from your diet. The metal probe can be inserted in produce, fruit and meats as well as in processed meat to check on nitrates and sodium nitrate levels or potassium nitrates and nitrites. Smart living and cooking!

Top 10 Best Food Radiation Detectors Reviews 2018-2020

3. Best Hot Lava Cooking Stone

Perfect for coking steaks, or perhaps a mixed meat, fish and vegetable medley, while having room for a salad or chips on the side.  The Lava Stone Sets create mouth-watering food, for use at home or dinner parties, both indoors and outdoors. Cook healthy, tasty & flavorful steaks, seafood or vegetables directly at your table. 

Top 10 Best Hot Lava Stone Cooking Sets Reviews 2018-2020

4. Best Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

While offering an amazing way to grill the food, Himalayan salt cooking blocks also work as beautiful, decorative serving plates. As sea salt substitution, Himalayan salt has become well known for its health benefits; it re-mineralizes the body with minerals and elements essential to our well being. Best solution to replace wood and plastic cutting boards.

Top 10 Best Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks Reviews 2018-2020

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