Top 5 best products to spoil your dog

If you’re like me, you also love your dog and you’re probably looking for best products to spoil your canine friend. So, let’s go over a few of the options outhere, from aromatherapy shampoo, to nail polish or hair dye.

1. Top 10 Best Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo Reviews

Indeed, you have heard it correctly, aromatherapy for your dog fur. Of course, you also have to light up a candle and start the diffuser while bathing him … Joke aside, these are all natural essential oils shampoos, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-itch. Wonderfully fragrant, they are ideal for use on all coats as often as necessary to strengthen the hair shaft and heals split ends.

Best Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo Reviews 2018-2020

2. Top 10 Best Dog Nail Polish Reviews

I agree, it is one of the funniest products for dogs, and one that you would never think of. But, stay calm, it is formulated by leading luxury nail and dog care experts … so you’re on good hands. They are also eco-friendly and completely non-toxic, dries out fast, while moisturizing and nourishing your dog’s nails. 

Best Dog Nail Polish Reviews 2018-2020

3. Top 10 Best Dog Hair Dye Reviews

And when you thought you’ve heard it all, there comes the dog hair dye, apparently the hottest trend in pet grooming. Available in different colors to satisfy most tastes, you can create crazy designs, without harming your pet’s hair. Completely non-toxic, it comes in two options: semi-permanent (lasts 4 to 6 washes) or temporary. 

Best Dog Hair Dye Reviews 2018-2020

4. Top 10 Best Emergency Dog Evacuation Kits Reviews

Another crazy one for your furry love. This are complete and reliable emergency survival kits for your dog or cat in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or floods. Just grab and go! Some even have pet carrier, so your dog can carry it himself.

Best Emergency Evacuation Kits for dogs Reviews 2018-2020

5. Top 10 Best Indoor Dog Grass Potty Pads Reviews

And finally a product which is actually more for your own comfort. Best solutions for puppy potty training in the house. Real or synthetic grass patch that works as the perfect dog restroom for indoor, porches and patios.

Best Indoor Grass Potty Pads Reviews 2018-2020

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