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Top 5 Accessories for Wine Lovers 2019-2019

I can officially declare myself a wine lover, without being ashamed to admit it. I like everything about wine: the taste and feeling you get, the beautiful bottles and labels, but also the story around this Bacchus spirit, and all the nice wine accessories that come with.

By accessories I don’t mean the classical, essential ones (bottle opener, decanter, aerator, wine glasses, bottle racks etc.), but some new and interesting ones, such as: unbreakable or outdoor glasses, wine stain remover and wipes, sulfite removal filters or wine purifiers, ceramic Sangria pitchers.

1. Top 10 Best Outdoor Wine Glasses

You can be stylish even when you’re out for a picnic by enjoying a nice wine from proper glasses. For me there’s nothing worse than having wine in those nasty plastic cups that people normally use for outdoors. Why destroy a good wine by compromising on the presentation? Especially that there are quite a few good options out there, going from stemless to insulated wine tumbler cups, stainless steel or even flexible shatterproof recyclable materials. 

Top 10 Best Outdoor Wine Glasses Reviews

2. Top 10 Best Red Wine Removers

I’m pretty sure everyone had to deal, sooner or later, with a nasty red wine stain. It can be on your favorite dress or on your new, white carpet … they’re equally annoying and frustrating. I normally intervene with sparkling water, but are are also some nice, professional products which we’ll remove even the most difficult stains.

Top 10 Best Red Wine Stain Removers Reviews

3. Top 10 Best Red Wine Wipes

To me, the only annoying thing about red wines are the stains they leave on your teeth and lips. I sometimes choose a rose or a white just because of this aspect. I literally never though that there is a solution for my problem, and to be honest for a while I was convinced I’m the only one bothered by this aspect. Luckily, other people cared about it, enough to even come up with a solution. By the way, this wipes also work great for coffee.

Top 10 Best Red Wine Wipes Reviews

4. Top 5 Best Sulfite Removal Filters and Wine Purifiers

If you want to remove both histamines, sediments and sulfite preservatives from all wine varieties, this filters can purify a glass of wine in as little as 3 minutes. No more wine intolerance, including headaches, congestion, skin flush, and yes, goodbye to hangovers. Easy to use, disposable and portable, the filters will fit in your purse or pocket, while the decanter version it’s also a stylish option for serving the wine.

Top 5 Best Sulfite Removal Filers and Wine Purifiers Reviews

5. Top 10 Best Traditional Ceramic Sangria Pitchers

I know, I know, we can debate if sangria is real wine … but, let’s admit it, on a hot summer day, a nicely made sangria is just perfect to cool you down. And there are so many beautiful options for ceramics pitchers and cups. See a selection of hand made ones with traditional motifs from Spain, Morocco, Italy or Mexico.

Top 10 Best Traditional Ceramic Sangria Pitchers Reviews


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