Smart uses for essential oils. Best of 2018-2020

Smart Essential Oils Uses. Best of 2019-2020

I totally and completely love essential oils. To me, they are a gift from the universe that make this world a better place. Their benefits go beyond health ones, essential oils are pure nature in a bottle. It’s amazing chemistry inside every drop and they can literally make me happy. Beyond their amazing smell, it’s their energy which brings joy and healing.

There are a lot of ways in which you can integrate essential oils in your life and get the most out of their potential. Aromatherapy is probably the one that’s being used the most, then is rain drop therapy, or simply adding essential oils in drinking water, in bath, during massage, in cosmetics or directly on your skin.

Beyond traditional methods, there are a few smart solutions out there, some of which might surprise you through their simplicity, others through the innovative way they put technology to god use. Let’s see a few examples.

1. Best Essential Oils Diffuser Humidifier

What a combo… While most diffusers only add a small amount of humidity to the room, there are a few essential oil diffusers that add moisture to the air in a large amount to be thought of as a humidifier. Find a selection in above link.

2. Best Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth speaker

This combination is a great space saver and a smart design idea. First, a Bluetooth speaker, wireless, easy to connect and to  move around, it is a must have piece of technology. But, why not give it a twist, such as an aromatherapy diffuser.

3. Best self massage roller balls with essential oils

This is the cutest use of all. Essential oil inside the massage roller balls… For a pleasant and easy to make self massage.

4. Best natural insect repellent with essential oils

Best solutions for a natural mosquito and other insects repellent, made with essential oils. They are safe for the whole family, the environment, but also highly effective, without toxic elements.

5. Best essential oils car freshener

Of this one I am most excited. There are so many artificial fresheners out there, which instead of filling your car with a fresh, clean air, they literally give you headaches because of heavy, non natural smells, that you really get to appreciate an essential oils diffuser in your car.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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